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We commend you for taking on the challenge of mitigating the impacts of trauma, racism, and bias on your clients and colleagues. Organizational transformation is not easy. Creating lasting change takes dedication, patience, hard work, and support. You don't have to do it alone; KINSHIFT is here to help.

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“KINSHIFT's trauma-informed and resilience work is essential in today's landscape where I continue to see major health and wellbeing disparities throughout our current pandemic. As a Division Director servicing communities in the East New York, Brooklyn area at a large non-profit organization, I see how racism, classism and trauma affect our communities in every aspect of life. KINSHIFT is essential to ensure community-based organizations are focused on being anti-racist and equitable in all facets of life, which in turn positively supports all of the communities we serve.”

— Demond W. Pearson, Division Director East New York Community and Workforce One Programs, Good Shepherd Services