KINSHIFT supports the creation of trustworthy, healing systems through a variety of service categories that can be customized to meet specific organizational goals.

educate and inspire

KINSHIFT thoughtfully facilitates hard discussions, helping healthcare and public health organizations make sustained shifts that will lead to long-term transformation. If your organization needs support with creating a shared language, understanding the basics of trauma-and-resilience-informed care and anti-racism, or holding space for difficult conversations, you may want to consider:

  • Curriculum development to customize training objectives for your organization’s needs and audience
  • Training facilitation for organizations that may not have the experience or capacity to support training
  • Meeting facilitation to support hard conversations with a neutral party
  • Train-the-trainer curriculum development and facilitation to build sustainability and community, while empowering embedded trainers to adapt the concepts to their context and make it their own
  • Trainer coaching to provide ongoing support to new trainers and troubleshoot in real time
  • Speeches and presentations to galvanize support and action for addressing trauma and racism within healthcare and public health


There are often limited resources devoted to addressing the impact of trauma, racism, and bias on organizational operations. KINSHIFT fills this gap by supporting institutional and system transformation through evidence-based strategies and interventions, including:

  • Organizational assessment to understand the capacity for institutional reform and determine priorities
  • Leadership engagement to foster safe spaces for management to grapple with challenging issues
  • Coaching for policy and practice change that provides approachable, specialized support and encouragement for high-level trauma-and-resileince-informed, anti-racist transformation

plan and evaluate

What we measure matters. KINSHIFT demonstrates impact using customized research and evaluation tools, including:

  • Document review to ensure alignment between external communication and the internal transformation process
  • Project planning and development to help set aspirational yet attainable goals and build institutional buy-in
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis to measure performance, outputs, outcomes, and the patient/provider experience
  • Participatory research design and implementation that continues to make the case for trauma and oppression as public health threats and supports tailoring interventions to populations of interest


It’s not enough to prevent trauma from happening. We are also morally obligated to mend the wounds caused by racism and other spheres of oppression. KINSHIFT can support crafting healing environments for clients and colleagues via:

  • Workforce community care sessions that create supportive and healing environments aimed at building community and enhancing resilience with evidence-based coping and healing tools
  • Wellness strategies for patients and the healthcare workforce, including reviewing and proposing benefits and leave policies, built environment enhancements, and employee recognition strategies

“Kelly Davis and Simran Chaudhri are an exceptional team that bring together a unique combination of intelligence, insight, creativity, innovation and expertise in anti-racist, trauma and resilience informed work that leads to transformational change for agencies they work with. As Assistant Commissioner of the Bureau of Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health at the NYC Health Department, I had the privilege to observe and participate in Kelly and Simran’s pathbreaking curriculum development and training program for public health and hospital staff, combining an anti-racist and trauma-informed approach to the work of organizational change. I am convinced that this approach is essential to bringing about meaningful and necessary change that will result in impactful work to advance health equity. I cannot wait to refer my colleagues to KINSHIFT!”

— Deborah L. Kaplan, DrPH, MPH, PA, Adjunct Associate Professor at CUNY School of Public Health and Health Policy and former Assistant Commissioner at the NYC Health Department